What the European handicap is?

03 Oct, 2018


  1. Description of European handicap
  2. Example of using

3Way handicap, it's a triple or European handicap, very often represents for players some difficulty in the calculation. What is the handicap in betting? - We will try to open this topic so that you do not have any questions about the 3Way handicap.

Description of European handicap

European Handicap (3Way)

Literally 3Way is three ways. In the case of bets, these are three outcomes, obviously: the victory of the first team, the draw and the victory of the second team. Line with 3Way handicap assumes the initial score of the match, offered by the bookmaker. Perhaps, the main feature of this kind of handicap is that it does not imply a return of the bet for any outcome.

European handicap allows you to bet with an additional condition, which means it becomes more difficult to guess the outcome of the match. In the opposition of equal rivals, it is not profitable, but if you meet an obvious outsider and a favorite, you can increase your coefficient well, but the risk will not increase. This is used by advanced players who appreciate any risk-free increase.

Example of using

Now, more about what a handicap is in bets with examples. As with other types of handicap, the line with 3Way handicap in different bookmaker offices will have a different form of recording. For example, in the BC 1xbet it is recorded as a handicap with an initial score, according to the table it is easy to understand with which the initial game will begin.

From the table of coefficients it is clear that the Royal Club is the favorite of the match. The handicap against the Madrid team gives a chance to fight and gives Leganes a slight advantage: the coefficients vary from 2 to 2.5, depending on what kind of virtual help you are ready to give to the team of Leganes.

In the William Hill bookmaker, the line is roughly the same:

To make it easier to calculate Let's make a 3Way handicap calculation for this line. To make it easier to calculate this betting line, we offer you an equivalent line with a handicap. We will deal with each outcome separately, and then merge into the line.

1st rate. 1 - the net victory of the first team with an initial score (0: 2) will be equivalent to a bet with a negative ¬ętough" handicap H1 (-2.5) (recall that in the case of a "hard" (fractional) handicap, a draw is excluded).
2nd rate. X - draw with the initial account (0: 2). 3rd rate. 2 - the net victory of the second team with an initial score (0: 2) is equivalent to a bet with a tough handicap H2 (+1.5).

European handicaps - it's very easy to understand the type of betting on the odds. Apply them better in matches with rivals of very different classes, so as not to run into a random draw. If there is any doubt, it is better to take the Asian handicap