What is the Asian Handicap?

05 Oct, 2018

This article is about the Asian handicap, which is one of the varieties of betting stakes. Asian handicap or quarter handicap is a common occurrence in the world of betting. Most often this type of betting is used in football. It is very similar to the bets with simple handicap, but it has its own subtleties, which we would like to draw your attention to.

For bets with Asian handicap, everything is the same as for betting with simple handicap. Only you have to consider that the Asian handicap combines two bets with a soft and hard handicap, and the cost of each of it is a half the amount of money you put. First of all, this type of betting may seem complicated, but in fact everything is simple. You will see this after we look at specific examples.

No wonder the Asian handicap is called the fourth one. This name it received due to the fact that it is expressed in four values: 0.25 (¼), 0.75 (¾) and, respectively, 1.25; 1.75; 2.25; 2.75 and so on. The line with the Asian handicap will look like this: H1 (-2.25) and H2 (+2.25), where the negative handicap is a bet on the favorite, and the positive one on the outsider.

Calculation of bets with Asian handicap is the calculation of two bets with a soft and hard handicap. let's still consider the calculation of the Asian handicap bet on a specific example to understand what the differences will be.

BO 1xbet, football match of the German Bundesliga: Bayern Munich- Bayer 04 Leverkusen, line with Asian handicap 2.25. The bookmaker suggests the following: H1 (-2.75) and H2 (+2.75). We'll figure it out with H1 (-2.75), the coefficient is 2.992. Let the size of your bet be $ 100, put it into two outcomes.

We have: H1 (-2.75) = H1 (-2.5) and H1 (-3).

First option. You willwin in the event if theBayern Munich wins with the handicap of 4 or more goals. For example, the score is 6: 2. Since the handicap is negative, we subtract the value of the handicap from the scored goals. 6-2.5 = 3.5 and 6-3 = 3. We get the score of the match, taking into account the score 3.5: 2 and 3: 2, from which it is clear that Bayern won and with your bet did.

The second option. Bayern won in the match with a difference of 3 goals. The score is 5: 2. Recall that you bet on the Asian handicap $ 100. We count: 5-2.5 = 2.5, we get the score 2.5: 2. Half of the bet of $ 50 will be calculated by the bookmaker with the suggested coefficient of 2.992. And the second half of the bet will be returned to you (calculated with a coefficient of 1), since taking into account the handicap of "-3" we get a draw 2: 2.

The third option. The saddest is that your bet will lose completely if the Bayerns win with a difference of 2 or less goals, a loss to that team or a draw.

We would like to draw your attention that if in this match you bet on H1 (-2.25), then you would have been expected several other options for winning and losing the bet on Asian handicap. What is meant?

We expand: H1 (-2.25) = H1 (-2) and H1 (-2.5).

We receive the gain with a coefficient of 2.456 in the event that Bayern will score 3 more goals than Bayer Leverkusen.

With the victory of the first team with a difference of two goals, you get a half of yor bet refund (bet H1 (-2) is calculated with a coefficient of 1, and lose half the bet (that is, the H1 rate (-2.5)). Accordingly, with this outcome of this event, $ 50 will be returned to you from the put $ 100.