6. Knowing some betting strategies

07 Mar, 2018

In addition to luck, there are many strategies or tips that can help you increase your chances of winning in the long term. 

Here are some of them:

- Bet on a limited number of events 

The probability of winning decreases as the number of events played on increases.We recommend not to exceed 3 or even 5 matches per bet.That way, your chance of winning will be much better. 

- Choose to bet on average odds

The idea here is to be reasonable by avoiding to place impossible bets with very low chances of success. Avoid using odds bigger than 2.

- Be patient 

We all want to win every day, but one of the first virtues of a winner is patience. Avoid betting on every event available. Always bet on a sport that you understand.

- Glean as much information as you can

Before choosing to bet on a match or an event, our recommendation is to check the odds, the results of the previous matches and the upcoming calendar of the teams.

- Follow the evolution of the odds 

Depending on how the odds change, you can find ways of placing good bets.

- Manage your capital

Never keep your gains in your betting account. Transfer your winnings as you win.