Spain - Norway 03/23/2019. Prediction

Spain - Norway . Prediction


The match of the starting round of the qualifying tournament of the European Football Championship, the final part of which is scheduled for the summer of 2020, will begin. There are teams of Spain and Norway. Both teams were active participants in the League of Nations



The Spaniards in the League of Nations were in group 4 of League A, the rivals in the group of the “fury” were the British and the Croats. The Pyrenees started well, managed to beat England on the road with the score 2: 1 in an equal match, and in the second round they defeated the Croats (6: 0). It seemed that the first place from the team of Luis Enrique was not going anywhere, however, the unexpected happened. First, Spain lost at home to the English 2: 3, and then, on a visit, to the Balkans 2: 3. In two matches, the Pyreneans managed to miss six goals into their own net, although they missed only once in the first two games. As a result, England is ahead of the future owners, now for Spain the path to the Euro runs exclusively through qualification, I am waiting for an active start performed by the "fury".



Now the Norwegians have a good generation, there are prospects for regaining lost ground in European football. The Northerners won the League of Nations group at a good level and deservedly won first place in Peloton 3 of the League C. Rivals in the Viking group were Bulgarians, Cypriots and Slovenes. Of the six matches, the Norwegians won four with one draw and one defeat, and the only failure was in the away match against Bulgaria. In addition to the hole from the southern Slavs, the "Vikings" at a party tied with the Slovenes and beat 2: 0 Cypriots. The national team of Norway is making progress, but note that while the northerners are noticeably inferior in the class of the Spanish national team.



The Spaniards are offended by two consecutive defeats in the League of Nations, including home from the British. The Pyrenees will do everything to start in qualifying with a confident home victory over a competitor.


My prediction here is “Spain’s victory with a handicap of -1.5”, with an odd of 1.66