Juventus - Atletico 03/12/2019. Prediction

Juventus - Atletico. Prediction


At the Turin arena "Allianz Stadium" will begin the second match of the 1/8 Champions League final between Juventus and Atletico Madrid. The confrontation between the Italians and the Spaniards is called the hidden finale, the whole point is that the “black and white” now have an outstanding selection of players and the highest motivation, whereas the decisive match of the current Champions League will take place on the Atletico field. Recall that the first match between the teams took place on February 20 and ended with the score 2-0 in favor of Atletico.



After defeat (0: 2) from Atletico, Juventus just won a little in the return game, the Turin needs to give out a super match, score at least two goals in order to at least convert the fight to extra time and not to miss. It is a daunting task, especially considering how the "mattress" know how to defend and play number two. In their field in the group tournament of the Champions League, Juventus played three matches: won Young Boys and Valencia, inexplicably lost to Manchester United with a score of 1: 2.


Atletico M

Before the match against Juventus, Atletico beat Rayo Vallecano (1: 0) in an away match, and even earlier, the “mattress” lost to Betis (0: 1) and Real Madrid in Wanda Metropolitan (1: 3). Many perceived the failure of the game with Real as a sign of the weakness of the “mattress”, but this loosing seemed to go to the team of Simeone only for the benefit. At least, with Juventus Atletico played very well: compact, rational. And let the two goals hit the gates of the Turin after the standard positions, there is the reason to say that Simeone tactically outplayed his counterpart. But the "mattress" too early to calm down, Juve in the upcoming game will definitely show everything that this Italian team is capable of.



Atletico is very important to distinguish themselves in the gates of Juventus, in this situation, the Turints will have to score four goals already, which is extremely unlikely. In turn, Juventus in the upcoming game will be satisfied solely with the victory and very preferably dry and with a difference of three goals.

"Victory of Juventus", with a coefficient of 1.69