Awesome bonuses in mCHEZA

Awesome bonuses in mCHEZA

03 Oct, 2018

In order to get the bonus, you will have to bet with certain amounts. Segmented bonuses will start immediately flowing into your account according to the highs of 350 KSH, depending on the advertising link is used when registering. Let's take a closer look at all the bonuses that you can get.

As we put it earlier, you need to fulfill certain requirements to get a bonus, for example, to get a bonus of 50 ksh, you need to bet more than 400 ksh, so if you want to get a bonus, put 450 ksh instead of your 400. After registration you will easily understand how each bonus works!

Bonus for registration

Now you should already have desire to make an account in mCHEZA, we will tell you about it all about bonuses, and there are a lot of them, believe us.

Once you register, you will receive 350 ksh! Bonuses for registration work quite easily, in contrast to other bookmakers, which require that you put the bonus amount for many times or with a huge coefficient for later deducing the bonus in real money. With mCHEZA, you simply register and immediately receive up to 350 KSH to your account.

Bonus for downloading the application

After registering, you go to the personal area where you will see the "Actions" conversation, download the application and instantly get 50 ksh to your account.

Increase mCHEZA stake

Multibets really help you to make good money, if you use them correctly. MCHEZA provides a unique chance to earn up to 135% on your account, if you bet on accumulators. Let's say you bet 1000 ksh on an accumulator with a coefficient of 15, your total winnings will be 15000 ksh (1000 x 15 = 15,000). A bonus of 135% will be added to your winnings and will be 15,000 + 15,000 x 135% = 35,250 ksh as a total winnings, most bookmakers will not provide such a generous offer.

Jackpot Bonus

In mCHEZA, perhaps the easiest way to scoop in Kenya, you need to predict just 11 matches, and there are bonuses for the correct predictions of 10 or 9 out of 11.

Referral bonus

Their referral gives you 20% commissions on what your referrals. You can make good amounts of each month if you are seriously want to make money.